Is Applying for an Online Short-Term Loan a Safe Option?

When an emergency expense pops up, you may have to scramble to find a way to pay for it. You are in a good position if you have a rainy-day fund or savings account, but what if you don’t? You might look to using your available credit, but what if it’s not enough?

Online short-term loans are a safe option for borrowers who need a small amount of funding as soon as possible. Applying for a short-term loan from a traditional bank or credit union is challenging. Not every bank or credit union offers short-term loans. It also may be harder to qualify as traditional lenders require higher credit scores. Applying for funding online is quick and easy and requires providing minimal personal information through an encrypted form.

Certain personal information is required to qualify borrowers and transfer funds. The encryption technology used by online short-term loan lenders helps maintain the security of your personal information.  Learn more about online small loans and how to use them.

What Are Online Short-Term Loans?

A short-term loan is a small loan with a short term. The loan term might be as short as two weeks or as long as a month. Some online short-term lenders will allow loans to roll over, but each state regulates whether that option is permitted.

Short-term loans are popular because they can be used to cover just about any expense. If you have unexpected car repairs, medical expenses, or other surprise bills, a short-term loan could help.

Online short-term loans are provided by lenders who operate online. They are able to provide funds electronically instead of in person. The entire loan approval process can be conducted online, typically within a few minutes, while funds are generally received in as soon as one business day.

Can I Trust the Online Lending Process?

At Mountain Summit Financial, your privacy and protecting your personal information is our priority. On, you can submit an online short-term loan request between $300 and $1,500 through our secured website form. Your loan request is reviewed instantly, with approval decisions received in minutes. If approved, you can receive funds electronically transferred to your account in as little as one business day.

If approved for funding with Mountain Summit Financial, you will receive a payment schedule. You will make installment payments according to that schedule until you have paid off your loan. By using Mountain Summit Financial for online lending, you can pay off your loan in full at any time without penalty, because your financial health is important to us. You can also add extra principal to your scheduled payments to pay it off even faster

Once you have paid off your loan, you can come back and request additional funding through l our website. You can create an account and sign in for even faster service.

Is Online Lending Safe?

Many people are concerned about providing their personal information online. Requesting a short-term loan on is safe because we use encryption technology to secure your private information.

Mountain Summit Financial, Inc. provides an online short term loan service to consumers who are in need of cash and are not able or willing to go through the long lending processes and paperwork that many traditional banking institutions require for a loan. Our secure and hassle-free online loan process makes Mountain Summit Financial, Inc. an industry-trusted online lender. While a short-term loan isn’t intended to support long-term financial needs, it can be a helpful resource when money is tight and you need to cover unexpected expenses. It’s completely safe to apply for funding online on our website. When you don’t have savings to fall back on, Mountain Summit Financial can help with an online short-term loan. You can make your request online today.

Ready to Get Funding?

At Mountain Summit Financial, we’re here for you. If you’re ready to get the funding you need, start your short term loan request now.

Ready to Get Funding?

At Mountain Summit Financial, we’re here for you. If you’re ready to get the funding you need, start your short term loan request now.

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