The 7 Hottest Tech Products Launching in 2017

These are the hottest tech products you’ll want next year

Tech junkies, it’s time to get excited about 2017 hottest tech products. Analysts are expecting a bunch of cool new products to launch next year. In 2016 there were some hits and some misses. Most notably the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was recalled after the battery began bursting into flames. There are sure to be more hits and misses in the year to come, but lets hope for less explosive failures.

Here are seven 2017 hottest tech products to get excited about.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Some of the hottest tech products of recent years have come from Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy S8 will be the company’s first opportunity to recover from the Galaxy Note 7 recall. The Galaxy S8 is Samsung’s flagship phone. There isn’t too much information available about the upcoming phone, but Samsung has announced that it will include a new digital assistant. The new system will be powered by Viv, the artificial intelligence startup purchased by Samsung earlier this year. Viv was founded by the same people who built Siri. Next year may be the year Samsung launches its first bendable phone. Samsung filed a patent for a bendable device recently, which is fueling speculation.

New iPads & an iMac

Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman believes Apple will launch a new iPad in the spring of 2017. The new models will focus on the Pro line, including improvements to the Apple Pencil stylus and new screen sizes. It’s been a long time since Apple significantly updated the iMac. Bloomberg’s Gurman reported that Apple has considered adding a USB-C port to the iMac lineup.

iPhone 8

Next year marks the tenth birthday of the iPhone 8, so expect major changes for the phone. Rumor has it the phone will feature an all-glass design, an organic LED display for better images, new screen sizes and no home button. The new iPhone is set to be a drastic change from previous models in terms of design.

A Google Smartwatch

The Android Wear watches update was delayed until 2017, and rumor has it they will be launching their own watch as well. The circular smartwatches will be the company’s opportunity to increase demand for wearable computers.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo will release Nintendo Switch in March 2017. The new gaming console works on televisions and doubles as a portable system. No final details like pricing or launch titles will be released until January 12th.

Xbox Project Scorpio

Microsoft is planning to supercharge the Xbox for next year’s model. The company is working on Project Scorpio, set to be a more powerful version of the Xbox One designed for 4k TVs. There is also the potential for virtual reality headsets. The new Xbox is targeting gamers who value performance over all else. The new console is expected to launch in the fall of next year.

Which of the hottest tech products are a must-have for you?


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